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Students will find the 4e site and its new features particularly exciting. That’s because students like you had a hand in creating many of the new features of the site. Some of these features include:

  • The ability to build custom project results pages for publishing (including the ability to add photos, videos, and much more)
  • A publicly viewable publishing area of the site, where you can send all of your friends and family to see the results and presentation of the activities you are doing
  • Contests, Programs and Activities that are specifically designed for students
  • The ability to be a “Moderator” within an activity, giving you the ability to take on the role of the teacher in reviewing and approving presentations and results pages for publishing.
Students will also have their own 4me dashboard. The 4me dashboard is your project headquarters; a place to navigate your online life and a way to get to know other 4empowerment members. You will be able to express yourself, see all of the activities you are involved in, have a locker of all of your digital media (videos, pictures, audio), meet other members of the 4e community and much more.


Teachers spoke and we listened. The new 4e site:

  • Is easy for even for the most “technically challenged” teacher to use
  • Requires very little of that thing teachers have so little of already…TIME.
  • Has vastly improved the administrative side of the activities, with intuitive features that will allow the teacher to manage all of the students within the activity, as well as the actions and approvals that occur within the activity. Perhaps the most important of these features is the ability for the teacher to designate students, parents or other teachers as “Moderators” who can serve as the teacher proxy in reviewing results pages and making approvals to publish results. This means that if a teacher wishes, he/she can create an activity, invite participants (including at least one of them as a Moderator) and never need to look at the activity again
  • Will have a Resources section that will include Activity ideas, Web Resources, Grant Opportunities and Activities that are aligned with specific teaching standards (this feature to roll out during the 2010-2011 school year)
  • Has a streamlined Activity Creation Form that requires less than a minute to fill out in most cases.
Teachers can use the 4e activity platform for any assignment or project/activity they are doing throughout the year. 4e makes it easy to keep up with the progress of the participants and makes it easy for all involved to publish the results of the activity for the world to see.


Many of the current educational and social networking sites concentrate solely on the school and essentially shut out the parent. Not 4empowerment. We have created a number of ways for parents to not only see what their children are accomplishing at school, but also to actually be involved with the very activities their students are in. The teacher can invite parents to an activity under one of the three roles available within the site:

  • Moderator: a participant that serves as the teacher proxy, reviewing all results pages and making approvals for publishing. This role also has the ability to do all of the same things as a Contributor plus the approval features mentioned above.
  • Contributor: a participant who can collaborate within an activity and create a results page for publishing
  • Reader: a participant who has the ability to view the activity but not the ability to create a results page or edit an existing page
Many parents are also very concerned with security. That is the backbone of the 4empowerment site. Students can only register to use the 4e site when invited by a teacher to an activity. From that point on students participate only in activities that a teacher invites them to or that a teacher approves them to participate in. All of the work done within that activity is only visible by those invited to the activity by the teacher, and any results that are published for unregistered users to see, must be approved by a teacher or that teacher’s Moderator. It is a 100% permission based environment that keeps your children and their information safe.


Are you under 13 years of age?
PARENTAL CONSENT FORM (PDF 47KB): Members under 13 years of age must have parental consent to participate on the 4empowerment website.

I have a code, now what do I do?
To register with a code, just go to the top right corner of the site and click SIGN UP. You will see a blank to ENTER CODE. Enter the code and complete registration. If you are a:

  • Teacher/Advisor: You will now be able to create activities and get involved in programs.
  • Student: You will automatically be added to the activity that your teacher created and sent you the code for. You can find that activity listed on your MY ACTIVITIES tab within your 4me page.

I am a teacher or club/group advisor but I don't have a code to join?
To register you must click on Sign Up at the top of the site (next to Login) and click the link for "I don't have a code". Fill in the blanks on that page, choosing TEACHER from the ROLE pull down. Upon completion of information, 4empowerment will verify your status as a teacher or leader at your organization and send you a TEACHER CODE.

I am a student why must a teacher invite me before I can join?
4e is a permission based environment. All student actions on the site are moderated by teachers or teacher appointed moderators. In order to register, you must be invited to an activity that a teacher has created. Feel free to download this TEACHER INFORMATION PACKET (PDF 55KB) and give to your teacher. It has all of the information they need to get started and get you invited to the site.

Participant Types

What is an Organizer?
An Organizers is a verified teacher or advisor who can create activities. They can create or start activities, invite people to join them, approve and disapprove of assets, approve activity results for public publishing, and can change each user's role within the activity at any time(e.g. change a contributor to a moderator when they want to.)

What is a Contributor?
Within this role you have the ability to participate in activities, upload content, and add results pages for publishing. But a contributor is not able to approve files or results pages for publishing.

What is a Moderator?
This role is given to the participant(s) that the organizer trusts to make approvals and report inappropriate results content. Within this role you have the same abilities as a contributor, along with the ability to edit and approve content within an activity. A moderator cannot create activities or change a participants role within an activity, but otherwise has the same abilities as an organizer.

What is a Reader?
Within this role you have the ability to view an activity, but you are not able to contribute files and results pages or make any type of moderating action (such as approvals).

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