Welcome to 4empowerment®, where student, education and community organization members make a difference through secured connections and meaningful real-world activities.

The 4empowerment (4e) platform provides the means for any group of individuals to join together, collaborate on an activity, project or issue and then publish the results of that collaboration, all within a permission based online community. Whether that group is an entire school participating in a fundraiser or just a handful of teachers looking to swap lesson ideas, the 4e platform is an intuitive and flexible way to accomplish your goals. Think of it as your project hub, idea finder, collaboration tool and online publishing system all in one place. Unlike the many social networking sites currently available, 4e offers a more secure permission based online environment, so teachers and parents can feel good that their student’s information will be safe. It is a way for teachers to create activities for students to get involved in and a place for all to publish the results of what they are doing.

Since 1999, 4e has been empowering personal development, conceiving and implementing over $6 million in federal technology education grants.

Schools and Student Organizations:

4empowerment® (4e) is approved and invited by student organizations and schools to help them make a positive difference. 4e has been working with K-12 schools since 1999, beginning with the development of the award winning Cyberways & Waterways program. Schools and student organizations can easily, and affordably, customize the 4e tools to meet their specific needs. Teachers and parents can feel good that their student’s information will be safe, because 4e offers a permission based online environment, unlike the many social networking sites currently available. Take a look at the Green Ribbon Schools program for an example of a school program implemented by 4e.

Companies and Organizations:

4empowerment® (4e) also offers companies and organizations a simple and meaningful way to connect with members or their audience. Custom programs can be created for an organization or company to accomplish any goal. Whether trying to rally members around a cause, or looking for a streamlined way for members to submit their annual reports, 4e can provide a custom solution through the flexible 4e environment. Check out the Green Ribbon School program for one example of a custom solution developed by 4e.

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